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How we help manage risk

Improving governance and transparency 


We provide an independent, consistent and platform-wide approach to managing risk. For investors this provides an extra layer of assurance. For managers this means additional support to meet their investment objectives. Here’s how we help:

Investment risk controls

We independently monitor, limit and manage remediation of unwarranted exposures and risks. This ensures the funds on our platform stay true to form and aligned with investor expectations.

Independent oversight

Most larger asset management companies employ investment risk managers who work with their portfolio managers. We provide independent oversight for each of our funds, adding an extra layer of governance and assurance for investors.

Counterparty risk management

Every strategy on our platform has some counterparty exposure, to the likes of prime brokers, clearers or ISDA counterparties. We monitor the exposure of each fund to each counterparty to ensure investors aren’t subject to any undue risk.

Consistency and quality

We use market-leading risk systems and frameworks to provide a consistent risk management approach across all funds. Managers are supported by our skilled team to achieve optimal risk outcomes for investors.

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