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NAV Shapes


How we help service partners

We connect you to new opportunities 


Our ecosystem connects you with investors, managers and other partners, creating new opportunities to interact, transact and innovate.

Be where your potential customers are

AMXConnect brings together industry participants, standardising and streamlining the process of investing. Adding your service to our ecosystem enables users to access your solution in the same place where they manage their investment world.

Be discovered

The AMXConnect Store enables your service to be searchable by our whole ecosystem. When they have a problem you can solve, they can find you, click through to your website and start a conversation directly with you.

Collaborate to provide better investment solutions

Investors have bespoke needs, and often, no single provider has the whole solution. Our ecosystem offers the opportunity to create combined bespoke solutions made up of trusted providers.


“As a CFO/COO, I am constantly dealing with a wide variety of challenges. Be it looking to hire for a specialist compliance role, source relevant sustainability consulting for an ESG focus vehicle, or obtain UK/EU market-related fund distribution expertise for a brand new launch. 


I was able to find potential solutions for all of these in one place – the AMXConnect Store. An excellent idea, and a great solutions partner for the asset management space.”

Luke Venables


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