Fund structures

Our fund infrastructure is carefully designed to reduce unnecessary complexity for institutional investors and asset managers.

Our fund infrastructure is carefully designed to reduce unnecessary complexity for institutional investors and asset managers.

  • Irish domiciled fund structures

    Institutional investors access AMX by investing in one or more of our of Irish domiciled fund structures. Each fund structure contains multiple funds, each of which is managed by an individual asset manager to a specific investment strategy. This means institutional investors can make their own investment choices, using any combination of funds to achieve their investment objectives.

  • Efficient governance and operational management

    AMX is responsible for the governance and effective operational management of the fund range, which means institutional investors and asset managers gain easy access to the benefits of Common Contractual Funds (CCFs) and Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicles (ICAVs).

  • Standardised documentation

    We’ve standardised documentation across each product range to make redemptions, subscriptions and due diligence more streamlined. This reduces the legal costs usually associated with reviewing these documents.

How can AMX fund structures help institutional investors and asset managers?

  • Pooled asset structure

    Our pooled asset structure reduces operational due diligence overhead for managers, as all fund assets from both big and small institutional investors are serviced through a single AMX point of contact.

    This structure also enables smaller institutional investors to invest with asset managers which may otherwise have been inaccessible to them due to a lack of scale.

  • Regulatory responsibility

    We take on regulatory oversight for all AMX fund structures which reduces the governance burden for asset managers. This includes responding to changing regulations. Asset managers can also benefit from AMX’s substance in Ireland for more efficient access to Irish domiciled funds.

  • Fund choice and distribution

    With 83 institutional investors and $22bn billion* of assets on the platform, asset managers have the opportunity to access new fund flows. Whilst our ever growing range of funds, covering multiple asset classes, makes it easier for institutional investors to access the right investments for their needs.

    *As at April 2021

Fund structures FAQ

If you’d like to use AMX with an existing fund provider who is not on the platform, please get in touch and we can work to on-board you both simultaneously.

Using our fund structures reduces efforts on-boarding and oversight effort and cost for all parties involved. During onboarding pension funds and managers typically only need to go through them once with AMX; these include operational due diligence (ODD), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. They can then access all funds structure/clients on the AMX fund platform, which saves significant operational efforts. for both investors and managers. Instead of each investor doing ongoing oversight and periodic due diligence on each manager, AMX does this once with each manager and Investors in turn do periodic due diligence on AMX. This means ongoing reduction of effort and cost for all parties concerned.

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