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How can investors manage the uncertain transition to net zero?

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How we help pension schemes

We make your job easier


Easier, by making everything involved in investing into one seamless and accessible experience - whenever you need it. From the simple but essential admin to the insight and strategies that drive your investment solutions, AMX is building the ecosystem that delivers it all.

Manage your whole portfolio in one place

We’ve standardised documentation, processes and data, so you can easily access your investments, monitor performance and rebalance your portfolio with AMXConnect.

Reduce your costs

We negotiate lower fees with asset managers and other service partners in return for the potential volume we’re able to give them. We pass those savings on to investors.

Independent risk oversight

Our services add an extra layer of risk oversight and ensure the efficient management of your portfolio.

Fulfil your stewardship responsibilities

Fulfil your stewardship responsibilities with stewardship overlays or express your voting preferences within pooled funds with our innovative investor stewardship service.

Reduce duplication of costs

We take responsibility for legal and operational due diligence checks, reducing administrative costs.


"We can achieve cost and operational efficiencies under one umbrella, which is exactly what all engaged trustees are trying to achieve.


We’ve found the AMX team highly collaborative and easy to work with. Nothing seems too much effort and they are very much in listening mode."

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