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How we help multinational pension schemes

We make your job easier


It’s complicated to manage pension schemes across multiple jurisdictions. Each have their own regulations, tax rules and fund structures, and these can be complex and resource-intensive. We can help you cut through the complexity.

Cost control

We provide you with access to greater purchasing power, allowing you to benefit from favourable commercial agreements with administrators, managers and custodians.

Operational efficiency

By investing your pension schemes’ assets through a single investment fund you can save a significant amount of time on administration and gain the benefits of scale, improved governance, better risk control and enhanced portfolio visibility.

Easy global reporting

Receive a consolidated, global snapshot in real-time of all schemes, through AMXConnect. An accessible, intuitive and standardised report makes monitoring easier and quicker.

Improved governance

We provide independent risk oversight for each fund as well as a range of services to help ensure the efficient management of your portfolio.

Better outcomes

These are achieved by using our size and operational excellence, along with choosing the right fund structure for your asset class and jurisdiction.

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