Institutional investors

The better way to implement your investments.

The better way to implement your investments.

  • We’ve seen brilliant investment ideas take six months or more to implement, with thousands spent on legal work and management agreements before a penny of members’ money could be invested.

    We built AMX to give institutional investors, their consultants and asset managers a way to work together seamlessly. Here’s how AMX can help:

  • Greater purchasing power

    We negotiate lower fees with asset managers and other service providers in return for the potential volume we’re able to give them. We pass those savings on to institutional investors.

  • Reduce duplication of costs

    We take responsibility for legal and operational due diligence checks, reducing administrative costs.

How can AMX help institutional investors?

How can AMX help institutional investors?

  • Spend less time on implementation

    We’ve standardised all documentation and processes to make it quicker and easier to implement your strategy.

  • Manage your whole portfolio on one platform

    We make it easier to access investments in multiple asset classes, monitor performance and rebalance your portfolio.

  • Risk oversight and portfolio monitoring

    Our services add an extra layer of risk oversight and ensure the efficient management of your portfolio.

Institutional investor FAQ

No, AMX does not provide research advice on the asset managers on the platform and gives no assurances to the investment skill of the underlying manager. All responsibility for portfolio management and asset manager selection is retained by institutional investors and/or their advisers.

Savings will vary from strategy to strategy, depending on the level of inefficiencies that exist within the current structures being used. For example, we expect the total savings made through third party negotiations to be greater with hedge funds than with, say passive funds. Savings will also be influenced by a range of other factors including how successfully the asset owner has negotiated in the past and the total size of AMX. Please get in touch if you would like us to estimate the potential savings in your current portfolio.

Yes, there will be an explicit fee for all asset owners using AMX. To maintain a conflict free business model, AMX charges asset owners for the use of AMX and receives no revenue from asset managers. The fee has been designed to be less than the total aggregate savings made, by using the exchange to ensure that the proposition for an asset owner is cheaper than their current status quo.

We treat counterparty selection, monitoring and management with utmost importance and believe that there is balance to be had between ensuring sufficient diversification, maintaining oversight & control and obtaining pricing power with third parties. The exchange undertook a rigorous selection process to identify a number of credible counterparties and the final shortlist of third parties is broad enough to allow us to mitigate risk should we have any concerns over a particular one. The exchange continuously monitors and assesses its counterparty relationships over time and reacts to the evolving situation at any one of its providers.

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