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Create time for what is important

, Ben Van Den Tol


Create time for what is important


Everyone in our industry wants the same thing - to generate returns. We’re all aware of the inefficiencies that still exist within the process of investing, with regulation, reporting and due diligence requirements adding layers of complexity. 


Setting up a fund, be it a UCITS or AIF can be prohibitively expensive for some organisations or unacceptably resource-draining for others. Additionally, navigating the changing and onerous marketing and distribution framework across various jurisdictions, especially in a post Brexit world has become increasingly challenging. 


We believe we have a better way: AMX works with asset managers to launch and run your funds via the AMX platform. Our approach allows you to focus on your core operations – generating returns and sales & marketing. 


As well as standardising infrastructure, operations and governance, AMX will build and customise the fund structure to ensure maximum distribution potential through various jurisdictions. Additionally, AMX can help investors realise returns in the most tax-efficient way, using our Irish-domiciled, common contractual fund structure.


By using the platform, all operational aspects of running a fund such as risk management, governance, due diligence, legal and compliance, and distribution arrangements are outsourced to AMX - freeing up valuable time and resources. 



How can we help you?


100% outsourced fund setup - AMX provides expertise in product design and fund launch. This allows you, the asset manager, to completely outsource the operational and regulatory burden of launching new products, without the need to invest in additional internal resources. 


Access to multiple client types and distribution from one place - By reducing the complexities of cross jurisdictional distribution and marketing, managers can set up multiple fund structures to provide access to different groups of investors. AMX navigates the ever-changing regulatory landscape, ensuring a smooth pathway to distribution through Europe. This allows asset managers to diversify both their product range and client base by offering alternative products to a range of investors, be it by jurisdiction or client type. 


Improved speed to market - By using an existing AMX UCITS or QAIF umbrella, speed to market is expedited. We streamline the end-to-end process of launching a fund and guide you through the onboarding process.


Access to economies of scale - By being a part of AMX’s platform, asset managers can achieve cost savings throughout the entire investment chain and outsource the operational complexities of setting up and running pooled funds to dedicated teams. As the fund grows, so to do the benefits to the underlying investors. 


Reduced burden of regulatory compliance - AMX’s legal and compliance teams ensure all fund governance activities are completed, whilst a dedicated risk team carries out independent fund oversight to ensure funds are running within the investment guidelines. 


Access to standardised reporting and fund legal documentation via one portal, AMXConnect - This includes factsheets, QIR’s, Solvency II, TCT reporting and TCFD & SFDR reporting services (through our ESG reporting hub). On the AMX platform, reporting is delivered in the same way for each fund. 


ESG data reporting - As ESG regulation intensifies, be it TCFD or SFDR, AMX has the capability to ease the burden of climate change reporting using AMX Zero - our  digital reporting hub that allows the manager to outsource  their TCFD requirements. AMX will customise TCFD reports to ensure full compatibility with emissions and temperature alignment metrics, including scenario analysis. This allows the manager to outsource and by extension attain compliance with the evolving landscape of ESG reporting requirements. 


For more about how we’ve worked with some of the managers on the AMX platform see our series of ‘5 questions interviews’: AMX Insights | theamx



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