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AMX Podcast: The ecosystem revolution in fund management


AMX Podcast: The ecosystem revolution in fund management


In this podcast series, Hedgeweek and AMX explore the ecosystem revolution in fund management and look at how modern ecosystems have evolved as the industry moves from digitalisation to the next stage of development.

Creating great investment outcomes requires investors, asset managers, consultants, and service partners to come together and collaborate. Too often, the complexity and inefficient processes of our industry become a barrier to both innovation and the completion of routine investment operations.  Our podcast series explores how an ecosystem which provides a common infrastructure enables everyone to work in a standardised, streamlined and connected way.

The podcasts can be accessed below or on HedgeWeek’s website.


Part 1 – The digital revolution – ecosystems and what they mean for the institutional investor 

Gwyn Roberts, CSO Global Fund Media, James King, CTO AMX


Part 2 – How the institutional ecosystem works – the AMXConnect Store

Umran Akhtar, Head of AMXConnect Store Solutions, Luke Venables, CFO/COO ARA VENN Management, Rob Forkan, Principal MAIA Technology


Part 3 – ESG and ecosystems: what are the challenges for pension funds?

James King, CTO AMX and Aaron Overy, Head of Platform Solutions AMX


Part 4 – The ecosystem solution for managing cost and tax efficiency

Aaron Overy, Head of Platform Solutions AMX and Kevin Duggan, Product Tax Specialist AMX


Part 5 – The frontier of asset management distribution

Aaron Overy, Head of Platform Solutions AMX, Paul Roberts, Board Member and Director Azimut Investments and Graham Rodford, COO Archax



For general information purposes only. This podcast may not be reproduced or distributed to any other party, whether in whole or in part, without AMX’s prior written permission, except as may be required by law. AMX does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the information and data, some of which has been provided by third parties. AMX does not provide investment, legal, accounting, tax or other professional advice.

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