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A better way to build your fund infrastructure

A better way to build your fund infrastructure

  • The investment requirements of insurance companies can be complex and demanding. Coupled with strict reporting requirements and legacy investments systems, funds are often costly to run and operationally inefficient.

    We built AMX to provide insurance companies with an investment infrastructure to both run and launch pooled funds, whilst leveraging scale and the latest technology to ensure investments are made in the most efficient manner. Here’s how we can help solve many of the traditional challenges faced by insurance companies:

  • Cost control

    Using the scale of our platform, we negotiate favourable commercial agreements, not only with asset managers, but also across prime brokers, administrators and custodians, to secure the lowest possible fees.

    The use of tax transparent fund structures avoids unnecessary withholding tax leakage and can result in savings of up to 46bps per fund.

  • Easier reporting

    Access all your investment data and quarterly reports through our portal, AMXConnect.

    All fund data is quickly provided in industry standard tripartite reporting (TPT), so you can easily use the data in the way you need to.

    Each fund also provides quantitative reporting templates (QRT’s) including a solvency capital requirement calculation (SCR) to assist with your Solvency II requirements.

Bringing Innovative Solutions to the Insurance Industry

  • Navigating regulation

    In today’s increasingly regulated environment, having a robust infrastructure in place to provide the oversight and governance of funds on a platform is imperative. We can help insurers navigate the increasingly complex regulatory regimes they face such as Solvency II, MiFID or IORP II Directive.

  • Greater transparency

    The standardised structure of AMX funds allows greater access and full look-through to underlying fund data in a timely manner. This ensures there are never any surprises, reducing the risk of hidden fees, layering of costs and opaque reporting.

  • Governance and risk management

    Our risk management team provide independent oversight while helping reduce trade errors, and manage counterparty and liquidity risks.

    With dedicated people in each risk function, our platform is designed to ensure that fund governance receives the attention it needs.

  • Tackle operational inefficiencies

    We provide a robust infrastructure for insurers looking to approach fund rationalisation exercises. We take care of the operational and legal complexities and allowing insurers to get ahead of the curve and function efficiently. Outsourcing the operational parts of the business not only saves money but also gives insurers, for instance, the time to focus on growing their core business.

Insurance company FAQs

Yes – AMX supplies the TPT in a standardised format across all funds, meaning that no matter which manager or strategy you decide to use, AMX supplies the same data template.

AMX uses Willis Towers Watson to calculate the solvency capital requirement according to standard formula.

Reporting is available in the tripartite template,  accessible either through the AMX Connect, or it can be sent to you in your preferred method.

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