Read the latest news and insights from our industry experts.

Read the latest news and insights from our industry experts.

AMX and DWS develop new pooled funds service that allows pension schemes to express stewardship preferences

Press Release, 01 February 2021

Announcing a new pooled funds service from AMX and asset manager DWS, in conjunction with Minerva Analytics and Northern Trust, that lets pension schemes actively engage in stewardship.

Why now is the time for managers to launch a tax-transparent global equity fund

Aaron Overy, 28 September 2020

Assets in Irish Common Contractual Funds (CCFs) recently surpassed $100bn according to research from PwC Ireland*. Total sub-funds across UCITS and AIFMD now exceed 200 and this increase has seen 150% growth in just three years as investors become increasingly aware of double taxation treaty benefits.

Why did we build AMX?

Oliver Jaegemann, 25 September 2020

Our CEO, Oliver Jaegemann, talks about the industry challenges he saw that lead to the creation of The Asset Management Exchange.

Tax inefficient fund structures lost UK DB schemes £256m in 2019 – what is the solution for the institutional investor?

Nick Horsfall, 14 September 2020

Tax-efficiency has become an important factor for fund performance in recent years – particularly for pension funds that suffer too much withholding tax (WHT) on the dividends of their pooled equity investments. This is because UK pension schemes, as tax-exempt investors, are entitled to reduced WHT on dividends from global equities under double taxation agreements.

How can AMX help manage counterparty relationships?

Michael Robinson, 14 September 2020

Michael Robinson explores how AMX manages and controls the counterparties used by our platform to deliver three key benefits for investors.

Simplification and opportunity – the case for Pan-European Pensions

Ian Houri, 03 September 2020

An interview with Dr. Francesco Briganti, Secretary General of CBBA-Europe. Dr. Briganti is working with European governments and CBBA’s diverse membership to establish a pan-European occupational pension scheme that would create an alternative, simpler option to saving and investing.

‘Free On Board’* – shipping containers and investment platforms

Jonathan Greenwold, 25 August 2020

Sometimes simple inventions can be the most transformative. Without the shipping container, it is unlikely the world trade in goods would account for 50% of the global economy. Jonathan Greenwold, Head of Legal, Risk and Compliance, explains how the development of the institutional investment platform offers the potential for similar efficiency in cross-border investment management and how platforms like AMX can be compared to a ‘shipping container for investment management’.

Why do asset managers need to make client experience (CX) their key differentiator?

Elaine Russell, 20 August 2020

AMX’s Head of Client Service, Elaine Russell, asks Adam Grainger, founder and MD of, about adopting a comprehensive approach to client experience (CX).

How can AMX optimise excess cash for improved yield?

Alexandra Evenson, 17 August 2020

At the end of the trading day, it’s inefficient to leave cash in a custody account. Discover how AMX could help your investors' money work harder.

Why hedge funds are turning to AMX to launch pooled vehicles

Umran Akhtar and Eric McQuillin, 11 August 2020

Umran Akhtar and Eric McQuillin explore how hedge funds can work with institutional platforms to raise capital and expand distribution.

How can insurers maximise the value provided by their unit-linked funds?

Michael Robinson, 06 August 2020

Michael Robinson considers the implications of the FCA’s 2019 governance review* into the way insurers assess the value provided by their unit-linked funds and how insurers might use the key findings to gain a competitive advantage and improve investor returns.

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