Read the latest news and insights from our industry experts.

Read the latest news and insights from our industry experts.

Five questions with Whitbread Group Pension Fund

11 July 2019

Working with AMX, an already efficient scheme achieved a number of benefits including cost savings. Here Whitbread summarises how the platform helps their team.

Embedding ESG in your investment portfolio

Christopher Head, 03 September 2019

With many large institutional investors now insistent that fund managers take consideration of ESG factors, we explore how asset managers can match their products to changing institutional appetites.

How to be an active steward

29 July 2019

The pressure on pension schemes and asset managers to act as active stewards is mounting. We explore how investors can use their voting rights and engage with companies to influence corporate behaviour.

The rise of platforms: investor, manager and counterparty perspectives

Christopher Head, 25 July 2019

Recently over 60 asset managers ascended to the Aviary Rooftop bar, to join us for a vibrant conversation about the rise of platforms. Read on for the key themes.

Fund Forum 2019: The latest innovations in platform-based solutions

Jon Lamb, 03 July 2019

Jon Lamb explores the common themes that emerged during this Fund Forum panel discussion on where platforms have the opportunity to drive forward innovation in our industry.

AMX hires new Head of Business Development to drive growth

Press Release, 01 July 2019

Former Blackrock Managing Director, Christopher Head, joins AMX as part of the Executive Committee

Four trends that make reducing investment tax drag increasingly important

17 June 2019

Both large and small institutional investors continue to use pooled funds to implement their portfolio strategies. But until now few have considered whether these funds have been built to be withholding tax efficient. These four trends make it increasingly important for investors to pay greater attention to the impact of tax drag on performance.

Irish Funds Conference: Taking the pulse of the asset management industry in Ireland

Eoin Motherway, 06 June 2019

Eoin Motherway shares highlights from the conference and updates on the health of the funds industry in Ireland.

What will it take to restore trust in financial services?

Pippa Rudling, 23 May 2019

Increasing transparency across the whole industry is no easy feat. Pippa Rudling shares her 5 key takeaways from the recent Transparency Taskforce Conference.

How to be a conscientious investor

Aaron Overy, 21 May 2019

The pressure on asset managers and pension schemes to act as responsible investors is mounting and attitudes are gradually changing among trustees.

AMX strengthens team with double hire

Press Release, 02 May 2019

The Asset Management Exchange (‘AMX’), an institutional platform for investors and asset managers, has further strengthened its senior team with the announcement of two new hires.

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