Read the latest news and insights from our industry experts.

Read the latest news and insights from our industry experts.

AMX and DWS develop new pooled funds service that allows pension schemes to express stewardship preferences

Press Release, 01 February 2021

Announcing a new pooled funds service from AMX and asset manager DWS, in conjunction with Minerva Analytics and Northern Trust, that lets pension schemes actively engage in stewardship.

How can investment managers use ICAVs to maximise geographic distribution?

13 September 2021

Patrick Waters, Director US Business Development at AMX, looks at how the Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle (ICAV), is growing in popularity with institutional managers and investors on both sides of the Atlantic. A recent beneficiary is Versor Investments, a US hedge fund manager. Versor manages a merger arbitrage strategy and is now operating this within an Irish domiciled fund, on the AMX platform, that serves both US and European investors.

A partner for managers and institutional investors – the value of an institutional platform

Aaron Overy, 09 September 2021

By providing standardised fund infrastructures including tax transparent funds (CCFs), and comprehensive reporting, AMX delivers scale benefits to both managers and investors, while increasing transparency and improving operational governance. Aaron Overy summarises some of the benefits of working with an institutional platform.

What does ‘going digital’ really mean for pension funds?

James King, 29 July 2021

AMX's Chief Technology Officer, James King, tackles a common question from pension funds and investment management clients about how they can 'embed digital' in their business.

Five questions with EOS at Federated Hermes

19 July 2021

We recently spoke with Bruce Duguid, Head of Stewardship at EOS, to learn about their philosophy and how advocacy brings value to clients.

How can investment managers offer tax efficient funds to Canadian institutional investors?

Patrick Waters, 13 July 2021

Patrick Waters, from AMX’s business development team in North America, identifies the main challenges to serving tax-exempt clients in Canada and suggests a potential solution.

Super Linear: Digital marketplaces and the science of cities

Jonathan Greenwold, 07 July 2021

Jonathan Greenwold, Head of Legal, Risk and Compliance, explores how digital marketplaces can offer the same self-reinforcing network effects that drive the exponential growth of our cities.

EU equivalence rulings are changing how dividend withholding tax applies to institutional funds

Aaron Overy and Kevin Duggan, 16 June 2021

Too many institutional investors still pay more dividend withholding tax (WHT) than they should on their investments. AMX research found that UK DB Pension schemes alone risk losing more than £200m a year because they are not investing in tax efficient fund structures. Aaron Overy and Kevin Duggan describe why it’s important to consider fund level tax relief as well as the tax status of the underlying investor.

Why are Sovereign Wealth Funds still paying dividend withholding tax – despite being tax immune?

Aaron Overy and Kevin Duggan, 08 June 2021

Some of the world’s largest investors, although immune or exempt from local taxes, are paying unnecessary dividend withholding tax (WHT), with the resulting tax drag adding up to a substantial amount of lost value. Aaron Overy and Kevin Duggan explain.

Is your Management Company (ManCo) selection due diligence and governance meeting the expectations of the regulator?

Nicola Gerety and Larry Morrissey, 17 May 2021

Nicola Gerety and Larry Morrissey explain why it’s important to take the time to ensure your proposed third-party ManCo will meet your needs both now and in the future

KASH is King: Can Covid teach us anything about learning?

Jonathan Greenwold, 29 April 2021

By radically changing our working environment and practices, Covid has shown that how we work is just as important as what work we do, with implications for our wider approach to learning. Here, AMX’s Jonathan Greenwold explores the relevance to post-pandemic working life of the educational acronym ‘KASH’ - Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Habits. 

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