Read the latest news and insights from our industry experts.

Read the latest news and insights from our industry experts.

Fund rationalisation: A conundrum

Ryan Tully, 15 April 2020

One of the most significant fund industry changes in the past few years has been fund rationalisation. Ryan Tully discusses this challenge and the options for business leaders who are looking for greater efficiency to underpin their rationalisation programmes.

Going for growth – using resources efficiently to expedite cross-border expansion

Patrick Waters, 02 June 2020

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges facing an investment manager is the ability to move quickly enough to take advantage of market opportunity.

Agility and teamwork: a view from Compliance

Alena Ingvarsdottir, 26 May 2020

Compliance Officer, Alena Ingvarsdottir, shares a view from our Compliance team as they've adapted to new working practices whilst continuing to deliver on key projects.

Testing Times for Trustees

Pippa Rudling, 15 May 2020

As trustees find themselves navigating through unprecedented logistical challenges and extreme market volatility, Pippa Rudling reflects on how trustees are adapting to the present circumstances.

CP86: What to do when the rules change

Patrick Waters, 04 May 2020

Gone are the days when a P.O. box and a few business trips might suffice to fulfil asset manager regulatory responsibilities in their fund domiciles. Patrick Waters explores how managers can tackle these new challenges.

Resilience and scale in a time of crisis

David O’Neill, 23 April 2020

COVID-19 is creating all sorts of challenges for managers and investors. We share how our operations and risk teams are working with our partners to respond to the current crisis.

Five questions with Veritas Asset Management

23 April 2020

Setting up a Common Contractual Fund can be complex and costly. In 2018 Veritas Asset Management partnered with AMX to launch a version of their existing tax-efficient fund structure. Antony Burgess, Managing Partner, shares the reasons for this and how working with AMX has added value to their clients.

Operational Risk: A perspective on Covid19 implications for Designated Persons (DPs)

09 April 2020

We share our highlights from the recent Irish Funds webinar featuring Kieran Fox, Derek Mander and Eoin Motherway.

Building portfolios for difficult times

Nick Horsfall, 03 April 2020

Nick Horsfall shares the most useful advice on asset allocation he received during the early years of his consulting career.

Three ways to launch fund structures for international distribution

Patrick Waters, 26 March 2020

U.S. based investment managers looking to distribute outside of their home market face significant choices: what types of funds to create, where to domicile them, and how to run them? These decisions can have challenging repercussions on your business model in terms of time, resourcing, and the effort required to set up, launch and manage your funds. Moreover, the choices made can have a long-term impact on profitability.

AMX Update: Supporting your investments

Oliver Jaegemann, 25 March 2020

Oliver Jaegemann, our CEO, shares how we're adapting to the current situation and are continuing to support our clients.

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