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Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

The following information provided by The Asset Management Exchange (Ireland) Limited (“AMXI”) provides guidance as to how AMXI handles the implementation of the requirements set by the Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (“SFDR”). The SFDR requires financial market participants, such as AMXI to disclose additional information on the integration of sustainability risks and potential adverse sustainability impacts on an entity level. Our disclosures relating to the SFDR and for funds managed by AMXI that delegates portfolio management to underlying portfolio managers that are categorised as Article 8 or Article 9 can be found below.  Should you have any questions please get in touch.


Integration of sustainability risks


AMXI acts as either the UCITS management company or alternative investment fund manager in respect of the funds under its management (the “Funds”). AMXI, as the UCITS management company and/or alternative investment fund manager, delegates the discretionary portfolio management function in respect of its Funds to underlying portfolio managers. A description of the manner in which sustainability risks are integrated into the investment decision making processes in respect of each Fund, where relevant, are set out in the offering documents in respect of the Funds in accordance with the requirements of SFDR. However, in some instances, the function is discharged directly by AMXI with assistance from the portfolio manager. Information on AMXI’s approach to integrating sustainability risks can be found in our Sustainable Risk Policy.


No consideration of sustainability adverse impacts


AMXI does not currently consider the principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors within the meaning of SFDR. The relevant information required to appropriately assess the principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors is not yet available. AMXI will keep the decision to not consider the principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors within the meaning of SFDR under regular review.


Remuneration policy


In accordance with Article 5 of SFDR, AMXI’s remuneration policy has been updated and is consistent with the integration of sustainability risks within the meaning of SFDR.


SFDR Article 10


AMXI’s Article 10 disclosures and for the Funds that have been categorised as products that promote environmental or social characteristics in accordance with Article 8 of SFDR and the relevant disclosures required for each of these Funds pursuant to Article 10 of SFDR can be found by clicking the relevant links below:

AMX – Versor – Systematic Merger Arbitrage
AMX – AXA Investment Managers – Long Term Credit
AMX – AXA Investment Managers – Single Investor – Long Term Credit
AMX – Sands – Emerging Markets
AMX – Systematica – Equity Factor
AMX CCF – Metropolis – Value fund
AMX CCF – Veritas – Global Focus
AMX CCF – Sands – Global Growth
AMX UCITS CCF - Storebrand - Global ESG Plus
AMX UCITS CCF – STOXX Willis Towers Watson World Climate Transition Index
AMX UCITS CCF - Maple-Brown Abbott - Global Infrastructure
AMX UCITS CCF - ATLAS - Global Infrastructure Fund
AMX UCITS CCF - Storebrand - Emerging Markets ESG Plus 
AMX UCITS CCF - Amundi - Asian Climate Bonds 

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