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The better way to distribute your funds and focus on investing.

The better way to distribute your funds and focus on investing.

  • Each asset manager has their own philosophy, process and strategy, giving them their competitive advantage. But they also have their own legal structure, operational structure and way of reporting. These bring complexity, delays and cost.

    We built AMX to give asset managers and their institutional investors a way to work together seamlessly. Here’s how AMX can help:

  • Distribute globally from one platform

    Today we offer a range of Irish domiciled fund structures, like Common Contractual Funds (CCFs) and Irish Collective Asset Management Vehicles (ICAVs). These make it easier for asset managers to distribute their funds globally. We can also add further vehicle types on demand.

  • Cut down duplication of effort

    Every fund on AMX is structured in a standard way, so every contract is structured in a standard way. With fewer inbound requests for legal and operational due diligence, you’ll have more time to focus on managing your strategy and building relationships with your clients.

How can AMX help asset managers?

How can AMX help asset managers?

The Asset Management Exchange
  • Less time to onboard institutional investors

    Our streamlined processes and dedicated onboarding team help bring on new investor assets smoothly and quickly.

  • Enjoy access to greater volume

    $22 billion from 83 institutional investors is already invested on our platform, as at April 2021.

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Asset manager FAQ

AMX is an open architecture exchange built for the entire asset management industry.

The platform is designed to provide institutional investors and asset managers with the benefit of consistency and standardisation of product, where possible. As a result, the jurisdictions represented on the platform will be selected to have as wide applicability to different types of investors, to enable optimal pooling of assets to the benefit of all parties.

The custodian of each account will be the relevant AMX depositary (the appropriate term under AIFMD) rather than the custodian of the asset manager or the investor. The assets are held in the custody of the AMX sub-fund, which sits under the control of the Board of Directors of that sub-fund.

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