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AMX – Versor – Systematic Arbitrage

AMX Master – Versor – Systematic Merger Arbitrage has been categorised as meeting the provisions set out in Article 8 of SFDR for products which promote environmental and social characteristics, as further described below.

The Sub-Fund promotes environmental and social characteristics and invests in companies that apply good corporate governance.  To achieve this, the Sub-Fund pursues specific approaches in the investment process via exclusions, Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) integration and engagement.

As a practice, the Sub-Fund will exclude:

  • Any companies with revenues >25% from mining or sale to third parties
  • Any companies with revenues >50% from coal power generation
  • Any companies with revenues >25% from oil sands extraction
  • Controversial weapons

GPC approval required

Any companies with ties to cluster munitions, landmines, biological / chemical weapons, depleted uranium weapons, blinding laser weapons, incendiary weapons, and/or non-detectable fragments.

Versor Investments LP will employ restricted security lists to ensure the application of these exclusions.

Prior to making any investment decision, Versor Investments LP conducts investment due diligence on any proposed underlying asset. The investment due diligence will evaluate a variety of factors including an assessment of the underlying asset against the sustainability indicators and the permitted threshold using specific metrics, as set out above.  Having completed the diligence assessment, Versor Investments LP is then required, when evaluating the merits of a proposed investment, to determine the extent to which the results of the diligence exercise should weigh on its investment decision, taking into account the environmental and social characteristics of the Fund.  Generally, Versor Investments LP uses a universe of assets which allow for the removal and replacement of those assets which are part of the exclusions.

Versor Investments LP conducts periodic monitoring of the underlying assets, to check that positions remain within the permitted thresholds, and takes corrective action if those thresholds are breached.


Periodic reports

A description of the extent to which environmental and social characteristics are met by the Fund will be available as part of the periodic report. The Funds most recent periodic report does not include any information pursuant to SFDR.

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