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Climate transition strategy

A developed markets equity index tracking fund that offers investors a simple and differentiated way to invest in equities, while incorporating climate transition risk into their investment decisions. 

The fund aims to track the STOXX Willis Towers Watson World Climate Change Transition Index.

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Managing climate risk

Addresses climate risk explicitly and allows investors to allocate in a robust, transparent and efficient manner. The strategy enables a more sophisticated way of managing climate risk, that looks beyond carbon emissions. Managed by State Street Global Advisors and with a stewardship overlay provided by EOS at Federated Hermes.

Tax and cost efficient

The fund is part of the AMX UCITS Common Contractual Fund (CCF) and therefore tax efficient for eligible pension scheme investors. The fund is authorised as UCITS and has a compelling Total Expense Ratio (TER);

Innovative approach

This is the first fund of its kind to incorporate an innovative approach by refreshing forward-looking climate transition risk, rather than using historic carbon emissions data. The STOXX Willis Towers Watson World Climate Change Transition Index is based on the iSTOXX World A Index but additionally adjusts position sizes based on Climate-Transition Value at Risk (CVaR). 

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