The better way to partner with your clients and preferred asset managers.

The better way to partner with your clients and preferred asset managers.

  • You’ve always advocated for your clients: negotiating fees, driving operational efficiencies and pushing for greater transparency. However, there is still more that can be done.

    We’ve built a solution to further streamline and standardise the entire process for everyone. Here’s how AMX can help:

  • Spend less time on administration

    No more chasing asset managers. Access all the information and reporting you need through a single login with AMXConnect. We’ve standardised all documentation and onboarding processes to make it quicker and easier to implement your recommendations.

  • Easier client onboarding

    Our streamlined processes and dedicated onboarding team enable new institutional investor assets to be brought on smoothly and quickly.

Pension Consultants and Intermediaries team.

How can AMX help intermediaries and consultants?

  • Benefit from scale

    We negotiate with asset managers and other third party service providers on behalf of all institutional investors. Usually this results in better rates than individual institutional investors, both large or small, could achieve alone.

  • Access to investment strategies

    Using AMX can enable smaller clients to access a broader range of asset managers and assets classes that may otherwise be inaccessible to them.

  • A third layer of oversight

    We continually monitor performance and costs for every aspect of fund operations to ensure your clients are getting value for money, leaving our mutual clients with a greater governance structure.

Some of our partners

Intermediary FAQ

We’re open to strategic and creative collaboration. We can tailor our partnership to help your clients’ benefit from the solutions we’ve built.

We are confident that we negotiate very competitive terms with asset managers. In addition to this, the scale of AMX means that we have agreed highly competitive fund administrator and prime brokerage fees.

Yes, we provide fund structures that are designed to enable asset managers, subject to local licencing and registration requirements, to distribute tax transparent funds globally. This means that AMX can be an ideal solution for multi-national pension schemes.

Yes, through our pooled asset structures we enable your clients to access emerging asset managers and bespoke solutions, which otherwise may have been inaccessible to smaller institutional investors.

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