Portal – Cookie Policy

We use cookies and similar technologies on the AMX Portal (the “portal”) to enhance security, improve performance and make your experience better.

Your use of the portal indicates your consent to the cookies described in this policy. Please see the How You Can Control Cookies section of this policy below for more information on how to withdraw your consent at any time.

What Are Cookies?

A web cookie is simply a piece of text which can be placed on the browser of your personal computer or mobile device and subsequently read as you visit a web site. A cookie may be a session cookie, that is, a cookie that remains on your browser while you are logged on to a particular web site and then disappears when you close your browser, or it may be a persistent cookie, that is, a cookie that remains on your browser over a specified period of time.
We use session cookies to:

  • Help us maintain security and authenticate your details whilst you use the portal as you navigate from page to page, which enables you to avoid having to re-enter your details each time you enter a new page; and
  • Remember how you have customised your use of the portal, such as preferred currency, session activity for timeout and time zone.

We use persistent cookies to:

  • Help us recognise you as a unique user when you return to the portal so that you do not have to input your details multiple times as you move between our pages or services; and
  • Collect and compile anonymous, aggregated information for statistical and evaluation purposes to help us understand how users use the portal and help us improve the structure of the portal.

Many cookies are designed to give you optimal usage of the web. For example, we use cookies to enable you to improve your user experience when using the portal, e.g. a cookie which recognises if your browser supports specific technology features. This helps, for example, in enabling web pages to be loaded more quickly when you request the download of a large file.
You can learn more about cookies, generally, at http://www.allaboutcookies.org/

How Do We Use Cookies?

We may use cookies for a number of purposes:

1. Essential cookies

We may use a limited number of cookies that are essential to particular services you have requested or for security purposes. In particular, we may use a cookie to authenticate the pc or mobile device that you are using to access the portal.

2. Performance cookies

We may allow third parties to set analytics or performance cookies to collect and report aggregate information. These cookies provide reporting to us on an aggregate basis and so do not identify you at all. We use the aggregate reports to understand how the portal is used and improve its usefulness to our audiences. An example of this is Google Analytics. We may use Google Analytics to help collect and compile information like the number of visitors to the portal, from where visitors have come to the portal and the pages they visited. Visit Google’s site for an overview of privacy at Google and information on how to opt out of the Google Analytics cookie – https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/. Where the portal allows such cookies to be set, the operators of other websites will use cookies in accordance with their own cookies policy, which may differ from ours.

3. Functional cookies

A number of cookies also support how our portal functions, identifying your pc or device on a unique but anonymous basis. These cookies may, for example, remember your language preferences, time zone, and timeout settings or recognize an individual’s activity within a single session. We also use a cookie to associate your presence with a specific user name and password or account. We may use a persistent cookie to recognize you automatically each time you return, but only if you ask us to do so. We may also use cookies to prepopulate your login or forms you fill out on the portal with information you have already provided.

How You Can Control Cookies

The cookies we use or allow are an accepted part of ecommerce and important to your use of the portal. Performance cookies allow us to understand our audiences as a whole and improve how the portal meets your needs and expectations. Many of the functional cookies are fundamental to how the portal and our services work.

Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. However, you have the ability to disable cookies if you wish, generally through changing your internet software browsing settings. It may also be possible to configure your browser settings to enable acceptance of specific cookies or to notify you each time a new cookie is about to be stored on your computer enabling you to decide whether to accept or reject the cookie. These browser controls will usually be found in the “options’ or “preferences” menu of your browser. For additional help on how to manage your use of cookies there are various resources available to you, for example the “Help” section on your browser may assist you or review this website for more details – http://www.aboutcookies.org/how-to-control-cookies/. You can also disable or delete the stored data used by technology similar to cookies, such as Local Shared Objects or Flash cookies, by managing your browser’s “add-on settings” or visiting the website of its manufacturer.

As our cookies allow you to access some of the portal’s features we recommend that you leave cookies enabled. Otherwise, if cookies are disabled, it may mean that you experience reduced functionality or will be prevented from using the portal altogether.