We can also help you to standardise the process and make it more efficient through our additional services.

We can also help you to standardise the process and make it more efficient through our additional services.

  • Independent risk oversight

    The AMX team provide oversight against a whole range of different risks that are part of the investment process. This includes investment risk oversight, operational due diligence, counterparty risk monitoring and service provider oversight.

  • Efficient portfolio management

    To ensure portfolios are run as efficiently as possible we provide a dedicated onboarding service, cash and collateral management oversight as well as currency hedging options.

  • Cost optimisation

    AMX uses its scale to achieve highly competitive rates and fees with service providers. This ongoing optimisation ensures end investors receive the most cost effective solution.

  • Standardisation of terms

    All asset managers on AMX operate within a standardised contractual framework that aims to ensure consistency and efficiency across our platform.

Services FAQ

We prescribe and independently monitor each fund against a bespoke set of risk thresholds on a daily basis in order to control for implementation drift and unwarranted risk exposures.

We monitor all 3rd party relationships on a daily basis. Our checks include measures like credit rating, credit risk and rates of return. If the risk rating of any 3rd party relationships changes, we take appropriate action to mitigate that risk.

We hold monthly meetings with fund administrators and delegates where their performance is monitored against 35 key service level indicators. We also have a Service Credit Regime whereby fees are clawed back for poor performance against 15 of those key service indicators, all fees clawed back go into the funds to benefit the end investor. In addition we conduct in-person due diligence meetings in key offices of our service providers, wherever they are globally.

We work with institutional investors and investment managers to co-ordinate the onboarding of assets to make it is as efficient as possible from a cost and investment risk perspective, by aligning timings and where appropriate using in specie transfers.

We arrange cash facilities for asset managers with funds on AMX reducing their administrative burden. Due AMX’s scale we’re often able to secure lower fees, making client money work harder. We also monitor the exposure to cash account providers used across the AMX platform to manage exposure to any single provider.

AMX fund structures are priced in US dollars. For pension schemes who wish to mitigate currency risk we provide hedged share classes. These are set up and administered by AMX, leaving asset managers to focus on their crucial investment decisions.

For assets managed on the AMX platform the only transactions asset managers make themselves are portfolio trades. Every other administrative invoice flows through our operations team where it is rigorously scrutinised to ensure all details, services and amounts are correct and attributable to the correct fund, before approval and payment.

We already have highly competitive rates negotiated with our service providers, from administrators to auditors, due to the scale and track record of assets being on-boarded to AMX. As our growth continues, we are assessing our service providers on an ongoing basis, to ensure we maintain optimal cost efficiency.

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