Money Market Funds

AMX has entered into a partnership to offer Goldman Sachs Asset Management Money Market Funds at pre-negotated prices.

AMX has entered into a partnership to offer Goldman Sachs Asset Management Money Market Funds at pre-negotated prices.

  • Cash balances are often an overlooked element of efficient portfolio management. At AMX, we are determined to change that perception and offer clients a real alternative. One that delivers market rates of return by investing in a diversified portfolio of high quality, short-term assets. To do that, we have entered an innovative partnership with GSAM to offer a range of their Money Market Funds (MMF) to our clients, at pre-negotiated rates, through the AMX platform.

  • Capital Preservation

    GSAM and AMX share a common purpose when helping clients to manage their cash balances: that is, to preserve the value of the investment, which is in line with the EU Money Market Funds Regulation.

  • Liquidity

    The GSAM MMF range maintains sufficient short-term liquidity to meet clients’ demands throughout the trading day, while avoiding regulatory breaches, even in volatile markets. No GSAM MMF has ever failed to satisfy a redemption request.

  • Diversification

    GSAM’s MMF range has the scale and experience to maximise diversification not only across assets, counterparties and instruments in the portfolio, but also truly diverse diversification in its client base to minimise regional and sector-based risk.

  • Yield

    GSAM’s execution policies (combined with AMX’s pre-negotiated competitive fees) deliver returns that reflect market rates.

  • Operational ease

    By using technology to provide a seamless service and standardised reporting, GSAM and AMX reduce client costs while improving capital efficiency.

Money Market Fund FAQ

The amount that can be saved through investing in GSAM through AMX will depend on your current excess cash strategy. AMX has negotiated strong terms with GSAM and passes those savings on to you as an investor.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) is one of largest providers of liquidity solutions in the world, with $560bn in money market and short duration assets, including $118bn in EU MMFs as at 31 March 2021. AMX has worked with them since 2017, when they became one of the first MMF providers for our hedge fund clients. We are now pleased to have made a range of GSAM MMFs available for all our clients at pre-negotiated rates. The attraction for AMX of using the GSAM solution is not solely their global scale and ability to handle large cash flows in volatile markets; they also offer market-leading credit analysis capabilities at a corporate level that aims to reduce counter-party risks. At the same time, their purchasing power helps to diversify portfolios across assets, regions and currencies. GSAM’s liquidity solutions, like AMX’s platform, are technology-driven to offer increased speed and efficiency of execution while avoiding manual errors. By using their MMFs with our automated cash-sweeping service, AMX clients can optimise the return on their cash balances. At the same time, they can maintain sufficient liquidity to comply with regulations (such as Solvency II), meet margin calls on a sameday basis and maximise trading opportunities.

An added benefit to using GSAM, in our view, is that they have applied ESG enhancements to their EUR, USD and GBP denominated LVNAV funds. The ESG enhancements are a combination of exclusionary screens, an engagement process for corporate issuers which is focused on board diversity, and integration of ESG factors within the investment process, including the incorporation of GSAM’s proprietary ESG scores as an element of portfolio construction. We believe this supports our aim of helping clients tasked with improving their own ESG credentials to meet their targets.

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