AMX UCITS CCF – SSGA – Infrastructure Equity MFG Index

Share class unit prices

UK Pension Scheme GBP “A” Hedged Units: 101.8464 (03 December 2020)

Non Treaty GBP “A” Hedged Units: 101.9326 (03 December 2020)

UK Pension Scheme GBP “B” Hedged Units: 101.8435 (03 December 2020)

Investment Objective

The Sub-Fund’s investment objective is to provide diversified exposure to global listed infrastructure markets and to deliver a return as close as reasonably possible to the total return of the MFG Core Infrastructure Index (the “Index”), net of unavoidable withholding taxes and the aim is for Tracking Error to be less than 1% per annum.


MFG Core Infrastructure Index

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