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We standardise, centralise and streamline the process of investing, so it works better for everyone.

We standardise, centralise and streamline the process of investing, so it works better for everyone.

Throughout our careers in asset management, investment consultancy and pensions we saw first-hand how inefficient the process of investing can be.

We worked with pension funds that had brilliant investment ideas but spent six months or more implementing them, spending thousands on legal work and management agreements before a single penny of their members’ money could be invested.

We worked with managers who wanted to sell globally but struggled to make themselves visible to investors over the world – and then to comply with each new country’s regulatory requirements and tax regimes.

We saw how both sides worked hard to generate returns, but saw too much value leaking from the process as the cost and complexity of doing business mounted up.

It's in everyone's interest for this model to change. That's why we built AMX: to give institutional investors and their managers a way to work together seamlessly.
The Asset Management Exchange

Why we built AMX?

Our team

Everything we do is made possible through our 100-strong team based in the UK, USA and Ireland who negotiate with managers, transition assets, provide reporting and add an extra layer of risk oversight. We have a huge range of expertise built up through years working in the industry.
Meet the team

Oliver Jaegemann

Chief Executive Officer

Our heritage

In 2015 Oliver Jaegemann had the idea of creating an institutional platform that would enable both sides of the industry to work more efficiently. AMX officially opened its doors in February 2017 with $750 million, of investor capital.

Today there are 83 institutional investors using AMX to streamline the process of investing. Together that means we have $22 billion of assets under management, as at April 2021.


Investment Innovation Award 2018

Pension Age

European Innovator of the Year 2018
Best Managed Account Platform 2018

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